About B. Wilder

 B. wild·er verb archaic

verb: wilder;

  1. cause to lose one’s way; lead or drive astray.
    “unknowne Lands, where we have wildered ourselves”
    • to perplex; bewilder.

      “the sad Queen, wildered of thought”

      2. noun modern, B. Wilder; love-maker, norm-breaker, producer of psychic graffiti, archetypal linguist


I am B, the author of Verbal Alchemy; writer, artist, and conduit for God/dess, practitioner of sacred movement, sexual ecstasy, ritual and the healing arts.

There is so much in this world to do, see, learn from and inspire toward. I am ultimately a student. To always be learning, free, and changing is my goal.

As a self-identified  Archetypal Linguist, I draw from the studies of Jungian psychology, tarot, astrology, and various ancient mythologies to make sense of life, death, and all in between.

In archetype are the various threads that weave our worlds.

When we tell our story, we know ourselves better. When we truly listen to the stories of others, we know others better.

I’m here sharing all that I do to pass on any spark of divine inspiration I can.

This, to be authentically inspired, and to share, is all that I know of truth.


jus de granite
The drool trickling out the cheek of a napping Persephone




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